It is no secret that some people's lives tend to stagnate over time. This can leave us frustrated, angry, or discouraged. When the moment comes when we feel that way, we need to do something. you need to make a change. This often results from giving us a boost.

Let's all give a boost to our lives, after all, we are the owners of it.

For this album, I invited 3 friends to interpret the melodies: Joana, Jorge, and Nuno. Throughout the album, we can find songs that convey a message of opportunity and goals available to everyone. Other melodies recall that although there are moments of frustration, it is always possible to turn around and turn bad times into good ones. Sometimes our lives are also made up of good memories and we should never forget them.

Sometimes there are disagreements with love or with friends. We can remember that all is not lost and reconciliation is always possible. As I mentioned before, everything is possible, we just need it.

Nuno Esperto: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums & Keyboards
Joana Vieira – Vocals 
Jorge Vintem – Vocals 

Producer: Tom Road 
Recorded by Nuno Esperto 
Mixed by Tom Road
Digital Engineer: Tom Road
Album Design: Tom Road 
Cover Illustration: Tom Road 
Photography: Tom Road