Turning The Page

Nov. 22, 2012 Written by  Tom Road

if you are not happy with your life perhaps is time to turning a page.

We often have to make choices in life. We will never be eternal and we need to get some enjoyment of life. There are memories that we will always acompanhão. People come and go and leave us good memories. But we can not live clinging to the past. we have to move on. We have to turn the pages of life. Listen the Demos

It’s time to make a choice   
 Enjoy this life  
Thou shell not be eternal  
 Ever and ever  
 You are turning the page  
 Your love is so cool  
 You are well warned  
 Everyone have a secret  
 Memories of that summer  
 That's her you want to love  
 You came to my Life  
 We have to make  
 I'll prefer to stay alone  
 Feel a good emotion  
 He could live anywhere  
 You and me  
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