Good Moments

Jun. 11, 2013 Written by 

Winter or summer, it doesn't matter. Important are the good moments.

In many places in the world winter is synonymous to spend quality time at home. How nice to be together of a fireplace with family and friends. See how this time all the people are friendly and happy. Even the moon and the stars, everything brings us good moments.

No better place to be   
 Do it right  
 I'm in love with you everyday  
 Shining star  
 Your eyes are shining  
 We need to be there  
 I believe good time will come  
All i want  
We won our victory   
Good moments  
A Sunset on Winter - instrumental   
You can be my star tonhight   
A Winter Waltz - instrumental   
Let's make a better day   
 Our Song is Playing  
 The snow is falling again - instrumental  
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