Tom Road

My New Single. Enjoy it!

you don't know

A Progressive Rock song about feelings.

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You Don't Know (You Haunt Me)
The Photoshoot
Crossing the waves

My Story

Tom Road is the professional name of António Miguel R. G. da Silva. For a few years, António (Tom) was playing music in many places in Portugal, that’s the motive he decide to use the surname Road.

Since early 2005, his work has increased significantly. By the end of 2015, he has worked on more than 5000 songs with other collaborators (Nuno Esperto and Julio Guerreiro).

At this moment, all thgose and other songs are receiving new mixes and production. Soon they start to be delivered to Libraries and to digital platforms.

If you want to use any of those songs as background music in your store or any other project, feel free to contact me.

Tom Road

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