Together at Sunset

Jun 2017
12 Songs




Nuno Esperto – Guitars


Producer: Tom Road 
Recorded by Nuno Esperto
Mixed: Tom Road 
Digital Engineer: Tom Road


Director: Ana F. Silva 
Producer: Tom Road
Editors: Ana F. Silva & Tom Road
Director of Photography: Ana F. Silva


Album Design: Tom Road 


We all like a good sunset. We also like to be with good friends. This album is dedicated to that: "Together at Sunset". At sunset, together with all my friends. 

Simple pleasures in our lives, like to see a butterfly in a field, driving on the highway, eating cherries, or crossing the waves on the beach, so many things to do. Or maybe you like dinner or a hot drink with your best friend. Everything can be possible.


In this album you can feel all of those things. I hope you like it.


If you want to get a physical copy of this CD you can get it in my shop and I'll send it to you.