Tom Road

Together at Sunset

I would like to present you the most recent version of this album.

The original idea came around 2010 when I suggested several ideas to Nuno Esperto to work on different songs in the ‘jazz’ genre. I wanted instrumental melodies that could be used as ambient music for a public space where we could be with friends having drinks.

In 2012 the project had taken on its final shape and 12 melodies were chosen. Staying true to the initial project, I decided to name each of the melodies and name the album “Together at Sunset”.

When listening to most of the songs, it would be easy to imagine ourselves in a bar, or any other space, with a drink in hand, chatting with friends and enjoying a beautiful sunset on a typical late summer afternoon.

In 2016, I decided to remix the album and edit it in CD format and simultaneously enter digital distribution. This became my first official album.

In 2023, I chose to create slightly reduced versions with the addition of new sounds and with the mixing and mastering by Andrés Malta, we now have the most recent version.

Hope you like!

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